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Personal Training

Meet Your Trainer

Lori Mangnall
  - ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  - PN1  Nutrition Training

  - USAPL Power Lifter

  - Certified to assist you in finding your wellness and strength goals with knowlege in:

   Adaptive Fitness, cardio fitness, nutrition consults, functional strength, pregnancy fitness, 

diabetes management through exercise, Thyroid disease,  cancer and post chemo therapy exercise guidance.

"Rise each day, set your intentions, believe in yourself to know that each day holds potential for both positivity and negativity. Both require the same amount of energy to feed. Feed yourself well, nourish your soul and consistently challenge yourself to grow your will to keep doing better. Be patient with yourself. No matter the speed of your growth, it is still progress. 

You will never regret going that extra step or taking that extra few moments to care for yourself. "

                                                              -Lori Mangnall

Interested in one-on-one personal training or nutrition help? Complete the form below and Lori will respond to your inquiries.

Thanks! I look forward to talking with you about how I can help you reach your goals!

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